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Your HOTTAP’s 27000BTU burner will instantly give you a steaming shower at the flick of a switch. HOTTAP gives you a water flow of up to 6L/min, which is to be compared to the maximum of less than 4.5L/min of weaker all-in-one designs. Choose your temperature by adjusting the gas and water controls. What’s more, the Joolca shower rose features three spraypattern settings. These include a pressure nozzle, allowing you to easily rinse out shampoo or wash off greasy pans.

The extra length hose will come in handy. Fitted with a color- coded, snap-on fitting – you can rely on having years of use even in the harsh Aussie sunlight and easy setup without risking any pesky leaks.

The backlit LED display will show you the exact degrees of hot water, useful for setting your shower temperature and safely washing your pets. The built-in battery indicator will let you know in advance if the d-cell batteries are running low.

No launch sequence required. Simply flick the switch on the shower handle, and the hot water starts flowing. Flick it again – yes, that’s right; the water turns off.

Joolca’s support team includes the engineers who invented your products in the first place. They know the products inside out, and passionate about ensuring that you get the most out of them. So please bring any questions or comments to Joolca they are always keen to hear any feedback.

2-year Warranty

Covers a comprehensive parts and labour warranty. All claims are handled in-house with Joolca and shipping both ways is covered by Joolca.

Caravans vs Camper Trailers vs Hybrids

Ensuite Tent

 Joolca’s sturdy shower tent is a bit like a ship in a bottle; it looks impossible, but it pops up in seconds! What emerges is a two-room en suite, complete with shower space, separate dry changing room, drainage, ventilation, doors, windows, towel rack and toiletries holder. This ensuite tent is surprisingly easy to put up and put down. Comes with Towel Rail, Side Pockets and Carry Bag.


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