353 Combination Kitchen Unit


The Modcon kitchen uses the Thetford 353 Combination Unit which has both a sink and 3 burners. A flip over bench extends the stainless bench area to a very workable 840mm x 490mm. Closing the glass stove lid adds an additional 650mm of bench space and closing the sink lid adds 310mm more. 

The split glass lid also has a safety gas shut off for those brain fade moments, and the domestic knobs and space for bigger pans make cooking  as homelike as possible. It is also super easy to clean, as it is made of brushed stainless steel and has removable pan rests. Cooking spills can be wiped from around the burners and straight into the sink for easy disposal. 

The three burners are three different sizes for different pot sizes. The largest can fit a pot 270mm in diameter and the smallest is a great size for a coffee percolator or toast maker.

Burner sizes:
1 x 1.0kW
1 x 1.5kW
1 x 2.5kW

The combination unit comes with a standard 3 year warranty from Thetford.

Under the combination unit there are two drawers and a storage compartment for all your high use kitchen utensils and food stuffs.

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