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Why is Modcon Campers the Original and the Best?

In the late 1990s Modcon Campers began like many camper trailer manufacturers by building side fold soft floor camper trailers. They later developed a unique rear fold soft floor camper and over time turned their hand to rear fold hard floors.

The Original

In 2009, Modcon developed the forward fold hard floor camper drawing on experiences learnt from a forward fold prototype made by them way back in 1998. For years Modcon were the only company offering the forward fold hard floor which positioned them uniquely in the marketplace, successfully competing against other high end Australian made camper trailers. Modcon also developed the rear entry forward fold, the Quattro.

However, the uniqueness of the forward fold concept attracted several Australian camper trailer importers who took the forward fold design pioneered in Australia by Modcon to China and began importing their version of it. Modcon responded in 2012 by going to China themselves with their own designs and started importing a parallel product to their Australian made campers called the Ecomate.

Modcon’s Australian made and imported campers were sold alongside each other with both having clear advantages in form and function over the other imported versions due to their Australian design heritage.

The Ecomate’s overwhelming popularity over its Australian made sibling, along with rising costs in Australia, convinced Modcon that the future lay in Chinese manufacture, so they formed an exclusive relationship with a Chinese factory to produce the unique, Australian designed Modcon Camper.

Modcon International was born.

The Best

From those initial imported campers, the Modcon range has been continually improved upon in both build quality and function. Cheaper manufacturing costs allows for more features and equipment to be included as standard and more money to be spent on fit and finish. Manufacturing off shore presents its own challenges however, and Modcon have racked up many frequent flyer points visiting their factory in China several times a year to improve quality, manufacturing processes and product development.

Once the campers are landed in Modcon’s Australian factory, a team of experienced assemblers complete the final fit out of brakes, suspension, electrics, gas and water and ensure that all componetry is up to standard and is working as it should. Continually keeping their eye on the ball has allowed Modcon to produce a product the envy of its competitors.

Most recently Modcon has branched out into the hybrid camper trailer world, introducing the massively successful C3 to the hybrid market. The sales success of the C3 has proved that it is the product that the Australian RV public were crying out for, a hybrid camper well made, designed by people that go camping, but done at a price the average family can afford.

Following on from this success, Modcon are increasing their range of hybrid campers. 

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