With a payload of 830kg, the C3 LE provides a gear carrying capability for all your family’s toys.



TARE weight:


Sleeps 4

Caravans vs Camper Trailers vs Hybrids

The Gear Carrier

With a payload of 830kg, the C3 LE provides a gear carrying capability for all your family’s toys.

The Limited Edition comes standard with the 270° awning and the same build structure as the C3. Internally is is simpler than the standard C3 with no TV, media player and cabinet.

It also has storage accessible from inside rather than the front hatch doors on the front sloping nose cone.

The lift up bed offers easy access to under bed storage and the electrics.


C3 Hybrid Layout

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Build Quality and Longevity

The undercarriage is the backbone of any camper trailer, and Modcon‘s chassis, draw bar and suspension are built to withstand the corrugations and other surprises that lie in wait on Australia’s outback roads.

Utilising 20 plus years of  making off road campers, Modcon has placed the entire body of the C Series campers onto the chassis with the drawbar running under the chassis all the way back to the trailing arm suspension hangers. Cross braces further strengthen the draw bar.

The independent trailing arm suspension is also built with Australia’s outback roads in mind with dual shock absorbers and heavy duty springs providing a stable and safe ride.

The gas plumbing and electrical wiring is protected and fastened as high as possible along the draw bar and chassis to prevent it from being snagged or damaged by stones. Wiring is further protected by convoluted covering and grommets, and the enire underbody is sealed against dust ingress.

Water tanks are 5mm thick so do not require covers. Covers around water tanks can cause problems if a pebble manages to find its way between cover and tank, eventually nibbling a hole through the tank. A better solution is a tank thick enough to withstand stone damage.

The entire undercarriage is hot dipped galvanised inside and out for rust protection and long life. The chassis and underside is further protected by a rubberised paint making for a camper designed and built to last.

Caravans vs Camper Trailers vs Hybrids