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The Clever Camper



TARE weight:


Sleeps 2
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The Perfect Couple’s Tourer

This clever camper utilizes a super lightweight fibreglass composite construction and is only 5.2m long, making it a breeze to tow and manouvre.

With hot water and air conditioning standard, the C2 is suited to the vast range of climatic conditions that the diversity of Australia offers.

The food prep area is at the rear of the camper with a slide out Thetford three burner stove and sink, massive pantry area and the capacity to fit a 95L fridge.

Inside, the Queen sized bed lifts up to reveal seating for two and a table.

Storage is also a key feature with plenty available for remote touring or a holiday at the beach.

The C2 comes standard with a pull out awning, but can be optioned with a Darche 270° awning that swings around to give additional weather protection between the kitchen area and main door.

Another option is the Darche shower room with external shower rose to fully utilise the hot water system.

The Latest Construction Techniques

The C2 utilises the latest in materials and manufacturing techniques.

The walls and roof are a composite sandwich panel with a 20mm thick closed cell XPS core. The floor is an impact resistant PVC honeycomb panel coated on the underside with rubberised deadener.

The internal cabinetry is powder coated aluminium where suitable.

Such materials when bonded together produce an incredibly strong monocoque body with excellent thermal and noise insulation which is impervious to water and easy to maintain.


Clever Design

The food prep area is at the heart of the camping experience, and the C2 takes it to another level.

The Thetford three burner stove and sink combi slides out and provides bench space with the lids down. Right alongside is a slide that can accommodate a 95L fridge and above there is a pantry area big enough to store everything you need.

All of the above is protected from the weather by the lift up back door (1770mm W x 1180mm L) to provide a super quick set up and functional kitchen.

C2 Optional Darche awning

Build Quality and Longevity

The undercarriage is the backbone of any camper trailer, and Modcon‘s chassis, draw bar and suspension are built to withstand the corrugations and other surprises that lie in wait on Australia’s outback roads.

Utilising 20 plus years of  making off road campers, Modcon has placed the entire body of the C Series campers onto the chassis with the drawbar running under the chassis all the way back to the trailing arm suspension hangers. Cross braces further strengthen the draw bar.

The independent trailing arm suspension is also built with Australia’s outback roads in mind with dual shock absorbers and heavy duty springs providing a stable and safe ride.

The gas plumbing and electrical wiring is protected and fastened as high as possible along the draw bar and chassis to prevent it from being snagged or damaged by stones. Wiring is further protected by convoluted covering and grommets, and the entire underbody is sealed against dust ingress.

Water tanks are 5mm thick so do not require covers. Covers around water tanks can cause problems if a pebble manages to find its way between cover and tank, eventually nibbling a hole through the tank. A better solution is a tank thick enough to withstand stone damage.

The entire undercarriage is hot dipped galvanised inside and out for rust protection and long life. The chassis and underside is further protected by a rubberised paint, making for a camper designed and built to last. 

C2 Hybrid Layout

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C2 layout
C2 layout rear

C2 Hybrid - Standard Inclusions/Price


Sleeping for two, Queen size innerspring mattress and seating for two with table.
Air conditioning Houghton Belair 2400D.
Truma Ultra Rapid gas/electric with 14L holding tank
Mega storage.
Spring assist lid pops up for spacious and airy internal living. Easy one person opening.
TV/Media screen and speakers.
Superb undercover, chef’s outside kitchen with Thetford 3 burners and sink and massive pantry.
Slide out fridge slide with capacity for 95L fridge.
Roll out awning. (Darche swing around awning option available)
LED lighting.
Full composite fibre glass body for light weight, strength and corrosion resistance.
Fully insulated with closed cell XPS core and fibre glass outer skin.
Steel chassis for strength, hot dipped galvanised for longevity.
Off road suspension designed by Modcon.
Alko off road ball coupling. Ark heavy duty jockey wheel.
Air Conditioning reverse cycle – Houghton Belaire H2400D (requires 240V power)
240v Power – 15 amp inlet (external), RCD and 3 x dual socket (internal)
Truma Ultra Rapid gas/electric with 14L holding tank
2 x 100 amp/h batteries.
12v switch panel with voltmeter.
2 x 120L water tanks, gauges and water pump.
*Inclusions can change without notice

C2 Hybrid - Options

Redarc 1230 12v/240v Manager 30 Battery Management System
Redarc 1225 BC-DC 25 amp Charger. Charging camper batteries from tow vehicle, includes an external Anderson plug for solar (installed).
25 amp Victron IP67 240v Charger hard wired
15 amp Victron 240v Charger with Anderson plug connect
Enerdrive RV80 Plus Including EPRO Battery Monitor
Bluetooth Dongle Upgrade for Everdrive RV80
Air Conditioning – Bel Air Houghton H2400D – requires 240v power (Standard inclusion)
Lithium Batteries – Upgrade to 2 x 100 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) (note: may require a dc-dc charger to be fitted)
Evakool DU280-DZ Down Under Dual Zone 80L Fridge/Freezer
Evakool DU295-DZ Down Under Dual Zone 95L Fridge/Freezer
Truma Ultra Rapid gas/electric with 14L holding tank (Standard inclusion)
Cruisemaster DO35 Off Road Coupling
Darche 270° Awning (in place of pull out awning)
Darche shower room on driver’s side
Mains Water Input
Qld registration (Qld residents with CRN only) (If not registering your camper in Qld, you must acquire an Unregistered Vehicle Permit from your State’s Department of Transport)



C2 Hybrid - Specifications

TARE: 1340kg
ATM: 2000kg
Ball Weight: 80kg
Length: 5.2m
Width (Body): 1960m
Width (Including Awning): 2.1m
Height: Closed 2.44m, Open 2.98
2 x 100 amp AGM batteries
12v fused switch board
1 x Anderson connector wired to battery
2 x 120L water tanks
12v water pump
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C2 Hybrid – Outside Gallery

C2 Hybrid – Inside Gallery

Caravans vs Camper Trailers vs Hybrids

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